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NuLids Affiliate Program Helps Solve the COVID Time/Efficiency Dilemma

NuLids’ Affiliate Program is a big help for both doctors and patients in these Covid times. The recent outbreak has caused dry eye patients across the world to miss many of their important in-office visits and treatments. Hear what the new NuLids Affiliate Program can do to help both Doctors and patients in these challenging times.


Make Your Practice More Prosperous with NuLids

How does NuLids reverse your patients’ dry eye disease at home while creating a novel, recurring revenue for your practice?

NuLids: The Innovative, Doctor-Directed, At-Home Treatment for Dry Eye

NuLids Could Become the Gold Standard for Treating Dry Eye

In surgery, it’s all about outcomes. Treating dry eye disease prior to refractive surgery is absolutely necessary to ensure a good outcome. NuLids, a take-home eyelid hygiene device that massages and cleans the eyelid margins, gets patients ready for surgery surprisingly quickly. And, if you can help a patient with dry eye, says one doctor, you’ll have that patient for life.

Watch this short video to hear what three doctors have to say about what they and their patients have experienced with NuLids treatment.

Interviews w/Prescribing NuLids Clinicians [Dr. Kouchouck, Echegoyen, and Anderson]

Founder of The Dry Eye Institute says NuLids is Her Favorite New Treatment

Dry eye is a challenge to treat for various reasons. Its etiologies are complex, and it presents differently in every patient. Dr. Crystal Brimer founded the Dry Eye Institute to help doctors treat dry eye patients. One of her favorite new treatments is NuLids, an at-home eyelid hygiene device. Watch the short video linked below to hear how NuLids fills a treatment void.

Interview with Crystal Brimer, OD

NuLids Helps Form Lasting Connections with Patients

“In my vision, the patient who’s on NuLids will be coming back to our office every six months.” Watch this short video to hear Dr. Steve Klein explain how NuLids creates a long-term connection between him and his patients.

NuLids Enhances Vision Care” Steve Klein, OD

Toughest Blepharitis Cases Respond to NuLids Therapy

Whether your chronic blepharitis patient presents with anterior or posterior blepharitis, you’ve probably experienced frustration at the lack of successful long-term treatment modalities. Dr. Eric Brooker presents a case study of a 62-year-old patient whose use of the NuLids self-administered eyelid hygiene system quickly eliminated his aggressive blepharitis.

Click on the link to read “Chronic Blepharitis: A Better Approach,” Dr. Brooker’s account of how NuLids is revolutionizing the treatment of blepharitis in his practice.

“Chronic Blepharitis-A Better Approach”, Eric Brooker, OD

Patient Polls Reveal Enthusiastic Support for NuLids

Patients overwhelmingly love their NuLids treatments for dry eye relief. See what questionnaire responses reveal about patient attitudes toward treating dry eye disease at home with this instrument.

Check out the questionnaire results by clicking on this link.

“When Surveyed, See What Patients Are Saying About their NuLids System”

Amid Rising Costs, Falling Reimbursements, NuLids Creates Revenue Stream for Eyecare Practices

Costs of goods, costs of location, costs of employees… all of those continue to rise. Yet in the medical industry, reimbursements are falling while costs are going up. That’s an unsustainable change. With products that patients buy on a regular basis because they need them, doctors can mitigate the challenge of decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs. NuLids, with its initial purchase cost and ongoing need for disposable soft tips, fills that need in the optometric practice. In this short video, Dr. Steve Klein discusses his treatment and business strategy and how NuLids is helping his practice close the reimbursement vs. cost gap.

“Unsustainable Change” Steve Klein, OD

NuLids Achieves BIG Numbers!

The NuLids dry eye treatment is achieving big numbers in improved OSDI TBUT, and MG-yielding liquid secretions. Patient satisfaction is even higher. Follow the link to see the numbers from a recent study.

“Is Your Current Dry Eye Treatment Plan Achieving These Numbers?”

NuLids Helps with a Myriad of Ocular Conditions

Follow the link to a fact sheet that shows how doctors have expanded the use of NuLids from dry eye disease to improve refractive surgery outcomes, ocular rosacea, Sjogren’s Disease, contact lens intolerance, chalazion/hordeolum, Stephens-Johnson Syndrome, and demodex eradication.

NuLids Expanded Uses

Doctor Reports Tremendous Success with NuLids for More Than Two Years

Dr. Helen Wu of Boston has been prescribing NuLids to her patients for over two years with tremendous success. In this video, she discusses the improvements in her patients’ ocular health and why their compliance rates are so high when compared to earlier methods.

Interview with Helen Wu, MD

What Patients are Saying About Their NuLids System

Patients rave about their NuLids treatments. “NuLids gives lasting relief.” “NuLids saves me hundreds every year.” “With NuLids, I don’t need manual lid scrubs.” “NuLids has cured my dry eye symptoms.” “ I can wear my contact lenses longer.” “I’ve been able to stop taking my anti-inflammatory medications.” “I cannot tell you how much I love this machine.”

Click on the link to read inspiring testimonials of real people who are improving eye health and saving money with this simple at-home treatment.

“Hear What Patients are Saying About Their NuLids System”

Doctor Shares His Proactive Ocular Surface Treatment Strategy

Dr. Steve Klein wants his patients to get well. In his experience the best way to do that is to tell them what they need and make sure they leave the office with it. Watch this video to find out more about his practice’s proactive approach to treating ocular surface disease.

“Treatment Strategy” Steve Klein, OD

NuLids Solves the Long-Term Eyelid Hygiene Challenge

Dr. Ahmad Fahmy
“Perhaps the greatest challenge in protecting the ocular surface is keeping the eyelid margins clean and the meibomian glands unclogged over the long term. The last 10 years have brought in-office treatments that work for a few months. But long-term success has been elusive, largely due to a lack of patient follow-up with cumbersome – and often cost-ineffective – daily eyelid hygiene regimens.” Click on the link below to read Dr. Ahmad Fahmy’s account of biofilm’s role in dry eye disease and a new, patient-friendly approach to eyelid hygiene using NuLids, a take-home device that patients use to massage and exfoliate their lid margins.

“Protecting the Ocular Surface Requires Daily Treatment” Ahmed Fahmy, OD

NuLids Making a Difference, Changing Lives

“I’ve been able to discontinue warming pads every morning.” “All my conditions have materially improved.” “Thank you for introducing this product to us.” “NuLids is giving me my life back.” “Now I can drive.” “I have not had one recurrence of sties.” “It was a good purchase.”

Hear What Patients are Saying About Their NuLids System

NuLids Tackles Demodex Mite with Great Success

Are you paying attention to the presence of Demodex in your blepharitis patients? Dr. Crystal Brimer lays out the pathogenesis and prevalence of this invasive mite and how she is successfully treating it in her practice with the NuLids self-administered eyelid hygiene system.

Click on the link to read “Demodex: Small Mite, Big Deal” and how NuLids has changed Dr. Brimer’s treatment approach.

“Demodex: Small Mite, Big Deal” Crystal Brimer, OD

NuLids Improves Tear Film Quality and Ocular Surface Health to Yield Correct Measurements Ahead of Surgery

Dr. Ken Lebow relates how the daily use of NuLids improved a patient’s ocular surface and tear film quality to better prepare him for cataract surgery. In just a few weeks, his doctor was able to take the accurate (and reproducible) refractive measurements so essential for a good cataract/refractive outcome.

Click on the link to find out what Dr. Lebow has to say about stabilizing eyelid and ocular surface health to achieve good cataract/refractive surgery results, and how he is using NuLids in his practice.

“When Treating Meibomian Gland (MGD) is Critical” Ken Lebow, OD

High Percentage of Meibomian Gland Atrophy and Tortuosity Found in Pediatric Population

MGD may start in childhood. Gupta, et al found 42% of all 99 study subjects had evidence of meibomian gland atrophy; 37% had evidence of meibomian gland tortuosity. The results of this study, published in Cornea, suggests that clinicians should expand their examinations of young patients to include meibomian gland dysfunction. Follow the link to access the full-text article.

“The Prevalence of Meibomian Gland Atrophy” Preeya Gupta, MD

Patients Praise NuLids and What it’s Doing for Their Eyes

“In two weeks, a real change has occurred. Thank you so much for this product.” “I now feel I could not live without this device.” “…great prophylaxis for my dry eyes with meibomian blockage.” “…It feels like my lids glide over my eyeballs now.” “RXs, ointments, gels, warming masks – all eliminated.” “My quality of life has improved.” “NuLids has made a great improvement!”

Click the link to read the full, inspiring testimonials from these patients.

Hear What Patients are Saying About Their NuLids System

NuLids is the only take-home device for treating MGD/Dry Eye

Ophthalmology Times Editor, Christopher Kent, reviews recently developed instruments for relieving meibomian gland congestion. All of them represent significant advances in unclogging glands. But among them, only NuLids is administered by the patient, every day, at home.

Devices for Treating the Meibomian Glands, Christopher Kent, Review of Ophthalmology, Sept 2018

Doctor Relates Firsthand Experiences with NuLids Therapy

What is NuLids? How does it work? Who can benefit from using it? How does your practice benefit from prescribing it? These questions and more are addressed by Dr. Ken Lebow in response to the editors of Optometric Management. Follow the link to this concise article and find out how NuLids can help your patients and add a new revenue stream to your practice.

“In-Home Device Triggers Meibomian Gland Expression” Ken Lebow, OD

Game Changer: NuLids Stabilizes DED Before Cat/Ref Surgery

If dry eye disease is not addressed pre-operatively, accurate refractive measurements are difficult – if not impossible – to achieve. Dr. Derek Ohlstein explains why it is absolutely essential to stabilize the patient’s pre-op tear film before choosing the right IOL. NuLids is the “game-changing” at home eyelid hygiene device that he uses to get his cataract patients ready for surgery.

Click on the link to read more about treating your patients’ dry eye with NuLids before cataract/refractive surgery.

“The Importance of Treating Dry Eye Before Cataract Surgery” Derek Ohlstein, MD

Grateful Patients Experience Life-Changing Benefits with NuLids System

“It is truly a blessing.” “I can read for long stretches.” “Now down to [meds] 1 time a day. I can wear contacts again.” “…far less itching and scratchy feeling in my eyes.” “My eyelashes are considerably thicker and longer.” “I no longer…have that gritty feeling.” “Reduced my need for in-office treatments.”

To read these enthusiastic endorsements in their entirety, click on the link below.

Hear What Patients are Saying About Their NuLids System

NuLids improves patients’ lives and increases practice revenue

NuLids is a doctor-directed, at-home treatment that alleviates dry eye symptoms. Satisfied patients return to your practice, and they also refer their friends. Patients purchase NuLids from their doctors. Doctors may also provide the daily disposable silicone tips. For more information about NuLids’ performance, as well as pricing details, click on the link and download the fact sheet.

NuSight Medical is advancing the way doctors manage their dry eye patients

Take-Home Eyelid Hygiene Device Dramatically Improves Dry Eye Treatment in this Clinical Practice

Doctors are seeing more and more dry eye disease in their ophthalmic and optometric practices. And it isn’t limited to older adults, contact lens wearers, and refractive surgery patients. Teenagers and children, possibly due to smartphone use, are also presenting with dry eye. And far more people have dry eye than are currently diagnosed with it. Fortunately, there’s a new and effective home treatment, NuLids, that doctors can prescribe for their patients.

In fact, Dr. John Schachet says that the NuLids self-administered eyelid stimulation and massage device should be part of every dry eye treatment regimen.
Read why in the article linked below.

“How a Take-Home Eyelid Hygiene Device Dramatically Improved Dry Eye Treatments in Our Clinical Practice” John Schachet, OD

Happy Patients Spread the News About Successful New Technologies

Watch this brief video, to hear Dr. Steve Klein explain his strategy for expanding his practice by introducing exciting new technologies – like NuLids.

“How to Incorporate New Technology” Steven Klein, OD

NuLids Users Literally Love What It’s Doing for Their Eyes

“Hear What Patients are Saying About Their NuLids Systems

Clinical Study Results Uphold Efficacy and Safety of NuLids: 95% of Patients Satisfied

A new peer-reviewed clinical study published in the Journal of Dry Eye Disease (January 2020) found that the NuLids at-home personal hygiene eyelid-cleaning device is both safe and effective. Results showed statistically significant improvements in all parameters measured, including OSDI scores, tear osmolarity, tear film breakup times, meibomian gland scores, meibomian glands yielding liquid secretions, and sicca ocular staining scores. There were no adverse events. 95% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall treatment.

The study, by Schanzlin et al, Efficacy of self-administration of a personal mechanical eyelid device for the treatment of dry eye disease, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction can be accessed by following this link:

NuLids II Clinical Study, JDED January 2020

Study Finds NuLids Safe to Use Near the Cornea

A prospective study by Dr. John Olkowski, examining the safety of NuLids for the treatment of dry eye disease, blepharitis, and meibomian gland disease, found that NuLids was unlikely to harm the cornea or surrounding tissues.

To read the full study: An evaluation of the effect a manual eyelid cleaning device has on donor cornea epithelium after direct application, released by NuSight Medical, click on the link below.

NuLids Safety Study

Re-Think the Blink

With over 7,000 NuLids Systems sold, and over 250,000 NuLids Treatments having been performed without a single reported incident, the NuLids System has proven to be safe, fast, and effective for treating dry eye disease. Don’t you think its now time to take a closer look at adding NuLids to your practice?

Re-Think the Blink

Doctors and Patients Alike are Excited About What NuLids Does for Dry Eye Disease

“With NuLids most patients improve within 10 days.” “The NuLids system has generated over $2,000 in operating profit.” “My patients are using NuLids with very good results.” “ NuLids is providing a new revenue stream with very little cost.”

Read the full testimonials from doctors who are using NuLids to treat their dry eye patients by clicking on the link below.

How NuLids has helped my practice: Dr’s Ohlstein, Schachet, and Paveglio

Doctors are Happy that NuLids is Filling a Treatment Void

“I’ve seen chronic Demodex patients do a complete 180 in 2 – 3 weeks.” “Patient compliance has never been better.” “Patients [have] clear and healthy lid margins after a month or so of use.” “Others…are back wearing contacts or are able to tolerate them longer.” “It fills a big void, giving optometrists a home treatment protocol that really works.”
Read the full testimonials of these doctors who are finding success using NuLids by clicking on the link below.

How NuLids has helped my practice: Dr’s Shade, Lebow, and Brimer

This Patient Chooses NuLids—a More Natural Solution

“Natural is better.” Jen prefers to cure her dry eye symptoms with fewer pharmaceuticals. Click on the link below to hear what she has to say about NuLids.

“Patient Testimonial: A More Natural Solution” Jen Fulgentis

One Small Change in Routine Changed the Course of Her DED

SMALL CHANGE, BIG DIFFERENCE – Hear what one patient has to say about their NuLids experience.

Yasmin thought adding NuLids to her daily eyecare routine would be adding one more hassle. Instead, the effect was quite the opposite. Now she looks forward to her NuLids regimen. Hear it in her words, by following the link below.

“Small Change, Big Difference” Yasmin Dar

Educate your Patients: FSA, HSA, and the NuLids System

Flex Spending and Health Savings accounts can be used to purchase the NuLids System. The NuLids System qualifies as Durable Medical Equipment. Be sure your patients know about these options. See the linked flyer for more information and tell your patients to check with their insurance providers.

Using FSA and HSA Dollars to Purchase NuLids

Business Development Tools Make Integrating NuLids a ‘No-Brainer’

Email Body: You know NuLids is a great therapy for your patients. But you could use some help developing a steady revenue stream. NuSight Medical has you covered. Follow the link for a flyer to help you access the many forms of support the company has for your practice.

NuSight Medical Business Development Tools

NuSight Medical Has the Tools to Help with Ongoing Patient Education

Help your practice stay in touch with patients about their dry eye treatment on a regular schedule.

Click on the link below to access the communications schedule NuSight Medical uses to keep your patients well informed about properly using their NuLids System.

NuLids Patient Education Schedule

Patients See Great Results from Their New At-Home Dry Eye Therapy

Low patient compliance in carrying out cumbersome and often ineffective daily lid-hygiene regimens is one reason why treating the spectrum of dry eye disease is so often frustrating. An article by Cheryl Zimmer in Ophthalmology Management explains how the NuLids system, a doctor-prescribed, at-home, daily therapeutic treatment overcomes patient compliance issues. Zimmer also discusses clinical results with Julio Echegoyen, MD.

Use the link below to read how Attachment: Link to Article: Spotlight on Technology and Technique, An easy and effective MGD therapy, Cheryl Zimmer, Ophthalmology Management

Treating MGD Before Cataract Surgery Results in Better Outcomes

Doctor Cynthia Matossian conducted a study showing how false astigmatism measurements can confound IOL predictions in dry eye patients. Direct treatment of the meibomian glands yielded more accurate astigmatism measurements and better IOL outcomes. Read her article, “Everything that You Thought You Knew About Astigmatism and Dry Eye is Wrong” linked below.

“Everything that You Thought You Knew About Astigmatism and Dry Eye is Wrong” Cynthia Matossian, MD

Dry Eye Burgeons – Especially Among Women, Smartphone Users

This article, published in the July 2019 issue of Ophthalmology Times, takes a look at what is now considered a “critical and significant public health issue” in the US. Growing smartphone use and an aging population are contributing to the spread of dry eye disease. Often undiagnosed, dry eye disease is more prevalent among women and patients over 65, but it is increasingly affecting younger patients.

Click on the link to read what experts predict for the future of dry eye disease in our population.

Understanding prevalence, demographics of dry eye disease. Michelle Dalton, Ophthalmology Times, July, 2019

This NuLids Patient’s Eyes Feel Great, and He’s Saving Hundreds of Dollars

Brad has suffered with severe dry eye disease for ten years. Before NuLids, as he puts it, “I had a big investment in eye drops.” He was spending hundreds on drops, gels, scrubs, masks and medications. And nothing was helping him until he heard about NuLids. Now his life has changed.

Click on the link and let Brad tell you how NuLids has transformed his ocular health.

Link to Video: Brad’s Story

NuSight Medical Surveys its NuLids Customers

Product-to-market fit drives startup success. But how can you know if a new product fits your market? Business Development guru Sean Ellis says just ask users how they would feel if they could no longer use your product: ‘very disappointed’, ‘disappointed’, or ‘neither disappointed nor very disappointed’.

After surveying over 100 start-ups, Ellis found that the magic number predictive of success was when 40+% of respondents answer: ‘disappointed or ‘very disappointed’.

In a recent survey of all NuLids users, more than double the magic number [91%] of patients responded that they would be ‘disappointed’ or ‘very disappointed’ if they could no longer use their NuLids System. To learn more about the survey, click on the link below:

Link to 91% graphic and NuLids Survey Report bar graph

NuSight Medical Surveys NuLids User Satisfaction

Introduction: How do patients like their NuLids after more than a year of use? To find out, NuSight Medical surveyed all of its users. The results? The great majority love what NuLids has done for their eyes. To see survey details, follow the link.

Link to NuLids Survey Bar Graph Summary