PRESS RELEASE 06/20/2018: NuSight Medical® launches NuLids™ for the treatment of dry eye READ THE RELEASE

The NuLids System is:

- A Natural way to significantly improve tear stability and retention time by increasing Meibomian gland output

- A Clinically proven Mechanical Method to decap and stimulate Meibomian glands through reduction of biofilm and inflammatory mediators

- An effective at home treatment that augments doctors’ in-office treatments to help decrease signs and symptoms of DED

The Unique, Safe, and Effective Home Treatment System for Dry Eye Disease


Nulids is Done at home

The NuLids System is the first dry eye medical device system designed for home use!

It is clinically proven to improve tear film quality and patient comfort between office visits.


NuLids is comfortable & easy to use

There were no adverse events. No corneal or conjunctival trauma. No patients dropped out of the trial due to discomfort. 91% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the device was easy and convenient to use. Of those previously using manual lid scrubs, 82% felt the NuLids device was easier and more comfortable to use. 89% described little or no discomfort. 95% were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall treatment.