Welcome Dry Eye Sufferer!

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Dry Eye is very common and can seriously compromise your quality of life if ignored…

NuLids is here to help.

The NuLids System is:

• A natural way to significantly improve tear stability (and the amount of time it takes for your tears to evaporate) by increasing Meibomian gland output – this means your eyes stay lubricated and symptom-free longer, as nature intended.

• A clinically proven mechanical method to de-cap and stimulate Meibomian glands (like a facial for your eyes- unclog your glands and stimulate the natural production of oils to keep your eyes lubricated.)

• An effective at-home treatment that augments doctors’ in-office treatments to help decrease signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease (DED.)

NuLids is the Only At-Home Dry Eye Treatment Designed by a Dry Eye Specialist for his Dry Eye Patients

The Unique, Safe, and Effective Home Treatment System for Dry Eye Disease

The NuLids System is the first and only once-a-day dry eye treatment system designed for home use!

It is clinically proven to improve tear film quality and patient comfort between office visits.

“At only 15 seconds per eyelid, it was so easy to add to my daily routine- brush my teeth, wash my face, and clean my eyelids. It’s something I look forward to doing because I know how much of a difference it makes.”

NuLids is Done AT HOME


The recent NuLids II study found that:

✓ Meibomian Glands Lipid Yielding Secretions improved by 81% with just 30 days of use,
✓ Tear Film Break-up Time improved by over 65% in less than 30 days,
✓ 95% of all NuLids customers said that they were satisfied/very satisfied with the NuLids System, and
✓ 81% of NuLids patients found the NuLids System easy to use within the first week