Slowing the Progression of DED – Ocular Surface News

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Slowing the Progression of DED – Ocular Surface News

The NuLids is an instrument offered to patients for home use and is a disposable, oscillating, soft tip that gently exfoliates the lid margin. Patients are asked to perform the treatment daily in conjunction with the preferred hypochlorous solution directly to the lid margin. With increasing age, the likelihood of lid laxity increases, and (no surprise) so does the development of dry eye disease.4 Furthermore, lid laxity is understood to impact meibomian gland dysfunction by way of reducing the forces on the lids themselves needed to express meibum within the glands onto the ocular surface.5 Therefore, effective cleansing of the lid margin can be achieved without unnecessary strain on the canthi. As a result, I feel I am preserving lid mechanics while restoring meibomian gland function.

By implementing a combination of diagnostic devices and state-of-the-art treatments, I am able to significantly impact the trajectory and natural progression of dry eye disease patients in my clinic.


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