About NuSight Medical

Nu – The Greek letter signifying Degrees of Freedom. NuSight Medical was founded on the premise that the evolving medical economy requires new approaches to providing more effective treatment at lower cost to patients. NuSight Medical provides greater degrees of freedom to Dry Eye Disease sufferers and their eye doctors.

NuSight Medical provides the devices, disposables, education, and support required for Ophthalmology and Optometry practices to successfully implement doctor-directed, at-home treatment of dry eye disease, (DED). Thus, NuSight Medical solves the most significant problems faced by the 40 million + American sufferers of DED and their eye care providers. We provide DED sufferers with a safe and effective daily treatment proven to reduced patients’ symptoms by half in just the first eight days of treatment and their doctors with an ongoing revenue stream that does not impact their overhead expenses after the first visit.

With regard to optimizing patient outcomes and practice profitability, the traditional in-office treatment model simply does not work with respect to dry eye disease. The reason for this conundrum is the inverse relationship between the high-level of need for treatment exhibited by DED patients and the low to non-existent Medicare and third-party insurance reimbursement for physician performed services on behalf of DED sufferers. Simply put, eye doctors can’t afford to provide the time and services required to properly treat DED at prices that DED patients are willing to pay above their ongoing insurance premiums. NuSight Medical’s unique business model shatters this vicious conflict on behalf of both DED patients and their providers.

Patients with Dry Eye Disease suffer virtually constant reminders of their condition; pain, redness, grittiness and blurred vision. DED is the number one reason for medical visits to eye doctors, yet the vast majority of services performed to mitigate the signs and symptoms are not covered by Medicare or the patient’s third-party insurance leaving patients the terrible choice of paying high, out-of-pocket fees or enduring more suffering.

Doctors fight a constant battle to provide DED suffers with relief at a price that the patient can afford to pay. Capital equipment expenditures and, more importantly, the extensive time required of doctors and staff to treat DED patients creates unacceptably low ROI when compared to other services routinely performed in the typical eye care practice. Doctors are placed in the untenable position of providing DED treatment at a poor or even negative financial return.

The NuSight Medical Executive Team

The NuSight Medical team have the skills and experience to help our customers, both doctors and patients, be successful in embracing the “Doctor-Directed, At-Home Treatment paradigm. Our executive team is comprised of an award-winning, fellowship-trained corneal specialist and visionary industry veterans with decades of successful service to eye care professionals and their patients. We sincerely desire to share our compelling story with your practice and patients!

John Olkowski, MD
Founder & Chairman

Robert M. Foster
Chief Execeutive Officer

Jim Laux
Chief Commercial Officer

Clifford Price
Chief Information Officer

Colton Mekaelian
Project Manager