About Us

NuSight Medical was founded on the premise that the evolving medical economy requires new approaches to providing more effective and more widely available treatments at lower cost to patients.

NuSight Medical provides the devices, disposable tips, education, and support required for Dry Eye sufferers to successfully make at-home treatment of Dry Eye Disease (DED) a seamless new part of their personal hygiene routine. We provide DED sufferers with a safe and effective daily treatment proven to reduce patients’ symptoms by half in just the first 8 days of treatment.

Patients with Dry Eye Disease suffer virtually constant reminders of their condition; pain, redness, grittiness and blurred vision. DED is the number one reason for medical visits to eye doctors, yet the vast majority of services performed to mitigate the signs and symptoms are not covered by Medicare or the patient’s third-party insurance.

The traditional in-office treatment model simply does not work with respect to Dry Eye Disease. Simply put, DED requires consistent treatment, and eye doctors can’t afford to provide the time and services required to properly treat DED. Furthermore, insurance doesn’t cover this time consuming level of treatment and attention, and DED patients aren’t willing to pay in addition to their ongoing insurance premiums. NuSight Medical has shattered this vicious cycle by bringing to market its own at-HOME, doctor-created system that allows Dry Eye sufferers to take their health and quality of life back into their own hands while saving on frequent doctor visits and other symptom masking drugs and ointments.

The NuSight Medical Executive Team

The NuSight Medical executive team is comprised of an award-winning, fellowship-trained corneal specialist and visionary industry veterans. We sincerely desire to shatter the old paradigm and bring relief to the millions of Dry Eye sufferers worldwide, at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment plans.

John Olkowski, MD

Founder & Chairman

Robert M. Foster


Jim Laux


Clifford Price