October 8, 2019

The Importance of Treating Dry Eye Before Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is very results oriented and with that comes high expectations from patients in terms of outcomes and improvement in vision. Due to this, we tend to place much emphasis on pre-operative
decisions such as the type of IOL to use. However we need to place equal importance on looking at the ocular surface and meibomian glands to detect any possible dry eye disease and address this prior to surgery in
order to avoid inaccurate presurgical lens calculations, sub-optimal lens choices, and compromised outcomes

August 15, 2019

Impressed with how quickly my patients clinical signs improve…

“I recently started prescribing the NuLids System to my patients and have been impressed with how quickly my patients clinical signs improve, even the most challenging MGD cases. I have seen chronic Demodex patients do a complete 180 in 2-3 weeks – after other treatments have failed. And, because it makes their eyes feel better almost immediately, patient compliance has never been better!”
Michele Shade, OD
Pottstown, PA

July 9, 2019

Dry Eye Treatment From Three Angles

P. Dee G. Stephenson, MD, FACS, ABES, FSEE; Mark Kontos, MD; and Ahmad M. Fahmy, OD, FAAO, Dipl ABO, join Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS, to discuss three different approaches to incorporating dry eye care into a practice.
June 24, 2019

NuSight Medical Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent Covering the NuLids System® for Treating Dry Eye Disease

June 24, 2019
Issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,314,763 Bolsters NuSight Medical’s Intellectual Patent Portfolio

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA., June 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NuSight Medical a medical device company focused on the doctor directed, at-home treatment of dry eye disease to address significant unmet needs in ophthalmic and optometric eye care, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued Patent No. 10,314,763, which is directed to methods related to the treatment of Dry Eye Disease.

U.S. Patent No. 10,314,763 covers the use of the NuLids System treatment for the treatment of dry eye/ocular surface disease, blepharitis and related conditions. “The patent protects our entire NuLids system – the device and methods for its use, the disposable soft-tips, and product safety features.” said Robert Foster, CEO of NuSight Medical.

All 29 claims were approved providing key declarations that involve stimulating the Meibomian glands to effectively treat dry eye. The following is excerpted directly from the abstract:
“an improved eyelid care appliance and method of using such appliance for preventing and treating blepharitis and mammalian meibomian gland dysfunction caused by gland obstruction. The method and apparatus of the invention enable restoration and maintenance of eyelid hygiene and the natural flow of secretions from the meibomian glands.”

“NuLids treats the predominate cause of Dry Eye Disease, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, at home every day, which is not practical with in-office treatments. NuLids has brought the highly successful dental model to eyecare. Patients visit their dentist for a deep cleaning and other services that must be professionally performed and then maintain and improve their oral health by brushing and flossing daily while at home. NuLids brings that same paradigm to eye care. Doctors continue to provide office-based dry eye services and patients participate in their continued care by using the clinically validated NuLids System from home,” said John Olkowski, MD, cornea specialist and the inventor of NuLids.

“NuLids is flourishing because it addresses multiple problems for doctors and their patients.” added Foster. “Our professional customers and their patients report excellent results. Doctors benefit from happier, better served patients, and new revenue streams. And, patients look, feel, and see better while maintaining or reducing the cost of treating their disease.”

NuSight Medical has additional patent applications pending.

For more information, visit www.NuSightMedical.com or contact James Laux at: jlaux@NuSightMedical.com [833] 368-5437 ext. 702.

June 21, 2019

NSM | AOA Optometry’s Meeting® 2019

Optometry’s Meeting® is the official annual meeting of the American Optometric Association and American Optometric Student Association. It is the only event that brings the optometry community together to shape the future of the profession, connect with colleagues and get the best continuing education in the industry.

May 4, 2019

NuSight Medical | ASCRS San Diego May 4, 2019

The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery empowers Anterior Segment Surgeons to improve the vision, outcomes and quality of life for their patients through innovative approaches to Education, Advocacy and Philanthropy. NuSight Medical was founded on the premise that the evolving medical economy requires new approaches to providing more effective and more widely available treatments at lower cost to patients. NuSight Medical provides the devices, disposable tips, education, and support required for Dry Eye

May 1, 2019

NuSight Medical | Vision Source Exchange Tampa, Florida

NuSight Medical is proud to attend and present at the Vision Source Exchange in Tampa Florida May 2-4, 2019

March 1, 2019

NuSight Medical Team

The NuSight Medical executive team is comprised of an award-winning, fellowship-trained corneal specialist and visionary industry veterans. We sincerely desire to shatter the old paradigm and bring relief to the millions of Dry Eye sufferers worldwide, at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment plans.

February 15, 2019

Two Thousand NuLids® Systems Sold

Doctor-directed dry eye therapy builds broad acceptance with doctors and patients –

Dr. Crystal Brimer, founder of the Dry Eye Institute and owner of Focus Eye Care, Wilmington, NC, is the purchaser of the 2,000 [th] NuLids System sold. NuLids, an innovative doctor-directed, home-use therapy in the fight against dry eye, effectively alleviates symptoms by stimulating and rejuvenating the Meibomian Glands back to a healthier state.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190215005070/en/

Dr. Brimer, who has spent a significant portion of her career studying, researching and treating dry eye, believes NuLids is a promising new therapy that has a meaningful impact on how dry eye symptoms are resolved and repaired.

“Treating my patients with NuLids, I found the system to be a safe, easy to use, and an effective addition to in-office procedures like lid debridement and thermal pulsation,” Brimer stated. “Patients just make the simple one-minute treatment part of their daily personal care routine – like brushing their teeth.” She added, “I believe it is important for the doctor to direct the patient’s therapy, and the patient needs to be an active partner in his or her treatment plan. I like that NuLids provides this. Though we have excellent soaps available, NuLids seems to fill our long-time void of not being able to offer advanced mechanical daily gland stimulation at home.”

“This is a milestone for NuLids,” stated Jim Laux, Chief Commercial Officer of NuSight Medical, maker of NuLids. “Selling our 2,000 [th] unit demonstrates the market’s recognition of NuLids as an effective treatment in-between patient office visits and an important part of the patient’s course of treatment for evaporative dry eye.”

NuLids is a different type of therapy for dry eye – it actually treats the underlying cause of eight out of ten dry eye cases, Meibomian Gland Disease. These tiny glands in the upper and lower lids secrete a small amount of oil that coats the tears and forms a barrier against evaporation; without this oil, tears break down quickly and dry eye occurs. NuLids stimulates and rejuvenates the glands back to a healthy state and oil flow is increased, dramatically reducing clinical signs and symptoms of dry eye.

Evaporative Dry eye is a very common disease in the Unites States; it is estimated that 33-48% of Americans aged 18 and over suffer from dry eye. It is the number one medical reason patients visit eye care professionals.

“NuLids’ introduction into the marketplace has been very successful,” said Laux. “The product is well accepted by doctors and patients and positive clinical data continues to accumulate. Doctors have been waiting for an at-home dry eye therapy that actually treats the cause of evaporative dry eye – not just provide a temporary fix.

“We are also proud that we are able to bring a treatment for dry eye to market that provides new revenues for doctors and is cost effective for patients.” Laux explained, “NuLids is a win-win for doctors and their patients. Doctors benefit from happier patients and adding new home-based revenues to their in-office procedures. Patients are replacing manual lid scrubs and often reducing the need for expensive artificial tear drops, gels, and pharmaceuticals.”

NuLids is manufactured in the United States by NuSight Medical. For more information, visit NuSightMedical.com or call (833) 368-5437.

View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190215005070/en/

SOURCE: NuSight Medical

Jim Laux
Chief Commercial Officer
(833) 368-5437 Ext: 702

June 20, 2018

NuSight Medical® Releases NuLids ™ for Dry Eye Press Release

RANCHO SANTA FE, California – (Business Wire) – NuSight Medical, a emerging ophthalmic care company, has introduced The NuLids
The system . This novel, safe and effective, doctor prescribed, home use
Medical equipment that effectively treats dry eye was introduced at
American Optometric Association meeting in Denver, CO, June 20-24, 2018.
By gently stimulating, shortening and rejuvenating Meibomian glands
For a healthier state, NuLid’s clinical signs of dry eyes and skin improve

“NuLids is a win-win for treating dry eyes” said Rob
Foster President and CEO, NuSight Medical. “Patients benefit
improved tear film stability, comfort and lubrication that is in violation of dryness
eye. Doctors get an important treatment while helping to build their
practice. And because NuLids is sold only through licensed eye care
Practitioners, doctors have control over the therapy while the patients
perform the treatment at home, improve the practice efficiency. ”

“About 86% of patients with dry eyes have compromised Meibomian gland function
resulting in an unstable tear film and subsequent premature
decomposition of the tear, “said John
Olkowski, MD founder and chairman of NuSight Medical. “The oil
produced by Meibomian glands are an effective barrier to tearing
evaporation. With NuLids that helps with the production and flow of meibum
clinical signs and symptoms of dry eyes are significantly reduced. ”

In a new clinical clinic with several centers
study NuLids System showed a 65% improvement in Tear
Breakup Time and an 81% improvement in Meibomian Glands Yielding Liquid
Secretion. The majority of patients reported twice
improvement of their eye problems after just two weeks of daily use.

NuLids can complement in-office procedures performed by the eye
Doctor. Patients like the NuLids system because it is safe, effective,
and easy to use without any known side effects. They also appreciate
that it is cost effective and can reduce the need for expensive OTC
lubricants and / or co-payments for medicines.

NuLids only takes 60
seconds per day to use and patients adapt quickly to the simple
routine. NuLids I and NuLids II clinical trials showed that 95% of
Patients investigated after 30-day sampling were either reported
“Satisfied” or “Very satisfied” with the overall treatment. ”

Dry eye is known to affect more than 33% of Americans. It is a big
Reason for visit to the eye tower. Dry
The eye is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and
moisture on the surface of the eye. The effects of dry eye include
irritation, inflammation and even possible scarring on the surface of
eye. Dry eye is a major medical market in the US – $ 4.0 billion and
grows by 12% per year.

NuSight Medical team is pleased to present such a valuable tool in
fight against the dry eye. We look forward to introducing further
Home-made, home-made products that provide real relief to
patients with dry eye disease in the near future.

NuLids will be featured on Booth # 603 at AOA . For more
information visit: www.nuSightMedical.com,
or call 1 833.3NULIDS [1-833-368-5437].