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What is NuLids?
The NuLids System is an FDA Registered (#3012110733) highly effective once-a-day at-home treatment device specifically designed to reduce eye discomfort such as: itching, burning, redness, eyelid inflammation, crusting of eyelids, irritation, and/or a gritty sensation, etc.

The NuLids System is easy-to-use and only takes one minute. It is also compact and cordless so that you can take it just about anywhere.

How Does NuLids Help?
Eye discomfort such as itching, burning, redness, irritation and/or a gritty sensation, etc. can have a variety of causes. Certain medications can bring about these symptoms, but the most prevalent reason is the presence of Dry Eye Disease.

Dry Eye Disease is complex. It is typically associated with Meibomian glands that are not functioning as they should. The Meibomian Glands are located very near the edges of your eyelids and produce important oils [called Meibum].

Each time you blink, a small amount of meibum is released and mixed with the water (aqueous) component in your tear. Meibum acts as a barrier to prevent your tears from breaking up and evaporating prematurely.

How does the NuLids System work?

The NuLids System works by gently and safely eliminating debris and stimulating the Meibomian glands...just like brushing your teeth near your gum line eliminates debris and stimulates your gums.

The Meibomian glands produce the oil layer of the tear film and oil deficiency is a primary cause of Dry Eye Disease in 86% of cases. The gentle massaging action of the NuLids Daily Disposable Tip is believed to stimulate capillary perfusion at the lid margins and contribute to better overall eyelid health.

What can the NuLids System do for you?
It is important to know that the NuLids System is not a cure for dry eye. But, when used daily as directed, the NuLids System can provide amazing results. In recent clinical studies, the NuLids System demonstrated an over 50% reduction in the discomfort and redness associated with dry eye. NuLids has also been shown to end or substantially reduce that dry, scratchy, gritty, itching, burning, and/or sandy feeling in the eye. And, with daily use, possibly eliminate the pain, soreness, redness, and heaviness of the eyelids often reported by sufferers.

NuLids has also been proven to increase the length of time a person’s tears work between blinks by 65% [known as tear film breakup time].

And, in these same clinical studies, the NuLids System was found to improve the secretion of important oils [called meibum] necessary for good tear film quality, comfort and health by an astounding 81%

Is the NuLids System easy to use?
The NuLids System is a small, hand-held rechargeable device that looks a lot like an electronic toothbrush. To use it, simply place a fresh sterile Soft Tip on the end of the unit and add some lubricating gel. When you turn the unit on, the Soft Tip will gently vibrate. Then, while the unit is on, place the Soft Tip at the edge of your eyelid, and slowly move the Soft Tip across your eyelid for approximately 30 seconds. Then, repeat the procedure for the other eyelid for 30 seconds, and you are done. It’s just that easy!

Does my NuLids device come with a warranty?
Absolutely! We certify each NuLids device to be free from any manufacturing defects. If there is something wrong with your device, which is due to defects in materials or workmanship, we will replace your device at no charge. Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you believe there is a problem with your device.

Can I return my NuLids device?
We gladly accept returns. Contact our Customer Solutions team within 14 days of delivery and we will provide you with instructions and a shipping label for the return. Please note a restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.
We cannot accept returns for NuLids Soft Tips.
Please be ready to provide your order number if you are requesting a return. Our Customer Solutions team can be reached at…
By email: cs@nusightmedical.com
By phone: 833-368-5437 (extension 1)

Will the NuLids System Pay for Itself?
Yes. The NuLids System will likely save you hundreds [and possibly thousands] of dollars annually. Manual eye lid scrubs can be stopped as soon as you begin daily use of the NuLids System. Then, as meibum production improves over the next several weeks, you will likely be able to discontinue the use of night time gels and ointments followed by a substantial reduction and/or elimination of moisturizing eye drops. Some NuLids patients have also reported that they have been able to discontinue the use of warming masks and prescription anti-inflammatory medications as well.

When considering a NuLids System for yourself, please do not forget to also weigh the cost savings associated with a reduction in unscheduled office visits. One or two unscheduled visits to your eye doctor can easily cost you several hundred dollars. The savings in time and inconvenience alone could easily pay for a NuLids System.

Will NuLids replace other dry eye treatments?
NuLids is an important part of your doctor’s treatment plan, but it is not a cure. Continuing with all therapies prescribed by your eye care professional will result in the best treatment outcome. However, when used as directed, many patients report a substantial reduction, and sometimes an elimination, of many over the counter drops and prescription medications.

How long will it take for me to notice an improvement?
Patients typically notice a distinct improvement in comfort and a significant reduction in their dry eye symptoms often in the first month of use. When used as directed, many patients report a noticeable improvement in about 8-10 days.

Do I need to use NuLids every day?
Yes. When used every day, patients saw the quickest improvement in their eye discomfort symptoms such as itching, grittiness, eyelid swelling and crustiness, etc.

How many times a day should I treat my eyelids?
The NuLids System has been proven to be very effective with one treatment per day. Depending on your situation, your doctor may recommend twice per day initially. Increasing the frequency may make your eye lids sensitive and lead to redness, discomfort, or swelling around the eye so speak with your eye doctor before increasing use.

When is the best time to use the NuLids System?
You can use your NuLids System at any time, morning, afternoon, or evening. You may find it beneficial to use your NuLids at the same time each day so as to make it part of your daily routine.

How long will it take to treat my eye lids with NuLids?
The NuLids therapy takes about one minute a day.

Where can I treat my eye lids?
Just about anywhere! Typically, patients make the NuLids procedure part of their morning or evening bathroom routine. For those who travel, the NuLids System takes up about the same space as your electric toothbrush.

How is NuLids System powered?
The NuLids hand piece is a rechargeable unit and requires no power cord to use. Once charged, the hand piece should last for hours of use between charges.

Where can I get a NuLids?
Online at GetNuLids.com or Doctor direct. NuLids can be requested from your eye doctor as part of your dry eye treatment regimen. Although there have been over 300,000 treatments worldwide, your doctor may not yet know about us. If your doctor is not familiar with NuSight Medical or the NuLids System, please contact us or provide your doctor with our contact information.

If you do not have an eye doctor, please use our ‘Doctor Locator’ to help you find an eye doctor who prescribes NuLids near to you.

And, if after attempting to locate a NuLids provider near to you, you are unsuccessful, we encourage you to order your NuLids System through us online. Simply answer a few questions and we will forward your request to one of our authorized GetNuLids.com doctors. Once approved [usually within 24 hours], you will be asked to place your order with us.

How will I learn to use the NuLids System? What if I have questions?
The procedure is very easy and it takes only a few minutes to become comfortable. You can learn through viewing on-line training materials on the NuU Education section at www.NuSightMedical.com or through the Quick Start Guide in Your NuLids Starter Package.

In addition, representatives in the NuSight Medical’s Customer Solutions Center can assist you via phone at 1-833-468-5437, Mon-Fri [8am-5pm PT]. You may also email us at CS@NuSIghtMedical.com for a response 24/7/365.

NuLids System Cost

How much does a NuLids Starter Kit cost?
The NuLids System is available for $319. The NuLids Starter Kit consists of one NuLids handpiece, one charger plug, one charger cord, and a 30-day supply of NuLIds Daily Disposable tips. The handpiece, charger and charger cord are designed for repeated, long-term use. The Soft Tips are to be disposed of after each treatment.

How do I order more NuLids Soft Tips?
Additional tips are available at www.nusightmedical.com. When you purchase your NuLids Starter Kit, you will be able to register and create your own private account. Here you can reorder more NuLids Soft Tips as you need them or opt for the Auto Refill program.

If you prefer to order by phone, our Customer Solutions team is ready to help at 1-833-468-5437.

How much do the NuLids Daily Disposable Tips cost?
A 90-day supply of tips is available for $90 (plus freight & tax)

Will using NuLids reduce my need for eye drops and other forms of treatment
Using NuLids may actually reduce your monthly out of pocket expenses to treat your annoying symptoms. Most NuLids patients report a substantial reduction in the need [and frequency of use] for expensive anti-inflammatory prescriptions land other artificial tears and manual lid scrub products.

How often should I change the NuLids Daily Disposable Tip?
DO NOT REUSE ANY NULIDS DAILY DISPOSABLE TIP after completing a treatment. Use a new Soft Tip for each treatment. The reuse of any NuLids Tip increases the risk of developing a serious eye infection. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi that are common on your eye lids are immediately transferred to the NuLids Tip during use. Unlike your eyelids, the NuLids Tip has no anti-infective properties. Therefore, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that are transferred to the NuLids Tip multiply at an accelerated rate compared to those that remain on your eyelids.

Is it OK to share a NuLids Tip?
Never share your NuLids Tip with another person. If shared, bacteria from one patient will be easily transferred to the other user and can very easily lead to a serious eye infection.

What lubricant(s) can I use with my NuLids System?
Always follow your eye doctor’s instructions. Your doctor will ask you to use a quality ocular lubricant that is in gel form or a more viscous/thicker liquid or a gentle, non-exfoliating, non-oily cleaner designed for use near the eyes. Never use your NuLids System without first applying a drop of lubricant to the top of the NuLids Tip.

Does NuLids hurt?
No – In fact, most patients reported a mild “tickling sensation” during use. But, do not be mistaken. The NuLids System, if used daily and as prescribed, should provide a noticeable and substantial improvement in your symptoms.

I wear eye makeup. Will the NuLids System help me?
Yes. The daily use of the NuLids System will help remove any remaining eye mascara around your Meibomian ducts. However, it is best that you should attempt to remove all of your mascara before using NuLids.

I wear contact lenses. Can I safely use the NuLids System on my eyelids?
Contact lens wearers are much more likely to suffer from Dry Eye symptoms than non-contact lens wearers. The NuLids treatment is so gentle you can even use NuLids while wearing your contact lenses.

NuLids Precautions

Are there certain eye conditions where the NuLids System should not be used?
We recommend you use a common sense approach when using your NuLids. NuLids should not be used on cold sores, herpes, active sties (chalazion), open wounds, fungal infections, skin disorders such as rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, raised moles, warts or any other skin inflammation, redness, irritation or infected skin. Do not use on dilated capillaries or very sensitive skin. If you are unsure about your skin condition, we recommend speaking with your doctor before using the NuLids.

Can I use my NuLids after eye surgery?
Yes, but allow adequate healing after surgery as determined by your surgeon. We recommend that you use NuLids only after approval by your surgeon. Be sure to ask your eye care professional when it will be safe to resume using the NuLids System.

Can I use the NuLids System after LASIK surgery?
Consult your LASIK provider/doctor as to how long you should wait after LASIK surgery to resume using the NuLids System.

Can I use my NuLids with my glaucoma medicine?
Yes. In fact, it has been documented that some glaucoma medications increase the likelihood of the symptoms associated with dry eye such as redness, itchiness, grittiness, etc.

Will the NuLids procedure interfere with my glaucoma medicines?
No. NuLids can be safely used with all of the eye drops and medications that your eye doctor has prescribed.

Can I use NuLids if I have Herpes?
If you have active ocular herpes, do not use NuLids.

Can I use NuLids while using Latisse?

Can I use NuLids after eye tattooing?
Do not use NuLids within three days of any professional treatment such as lid tattooing. But, it is safe to use on previously tattooed eyelids.

While there is no evidence to suggest that this treatment is harmful to pregnant or nursing women, we always recommend that you consult with your doctor before using any products when you are pregnant or nursing.

What if my eye lids become tender after using NuLids?
If you experience mild discomfort or redness after using NuLids, you may be pressing too hard on the eye lid during treatment. A gentle touch with the device is all that is recommended. However, if any redness and/or discomfort persist for more than one hour, you should contact your eye care professional.

Do you have Customer Support?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Support Representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7/365. Call us at 1-833-468-5437.